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Save the Date



A newly engaged couple asked me to create a “Save the Date” invitation for their approaching wedding. Having worked with the client before, they provided the copy and gave me free reign on the design. They asked that the invitation not be traditional or boring… Perfect!


The only catch was that they need the “Save the Date” to be done “yesterday.” So, I only had two days to do the job.




Knowing the couple’s taste for the jam band music and the Grateful Dead, I immediately started researching art inspired by the band. I wanted to find imagery representative of the couples dynamic – loving to dance and having a good ole time. I wanted to protray the fact the the groom would follow the bride anywhere even hell or high water.

With such a tight deadline, there was no time to create an illustration from scratch. Having their approval, I found the perfect stock imagery to leverage. I customized the image by photoshoping Wag’s skull to be a Greatful Dead-like design. To put the spotlight on the bride and bring more warmth to the invitation, I colored Wag’s roses pink. It is the only color on the entire invitation.


The skeleton designs were then later utilized for koozies, cocktail napkins, and styrofoam cups.


This project was a huge success with many guests later writing complimentary notes in their wedding RSVP emails. The project was completed in less than 9 hours, including all client communications, presentations, and revisions.  

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