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About Me

Artist Statement

Art is a divine muse with no shortage of lessons. It is my greatest meditation - mirroring my weaknesses, attachments and ego while allowing me the space and opportunity grow. For every stroke on the canvas, there is a lesson, another leap of faith to take, another truth unveiled. 


Just as art has the power to help the individual, it can do the same for the collective conscious and bring the Earth to newer levels of health. It is a visual prayer for the world.  With each vision I manifest, I want to spread this medicine of creativity to others. I want to empower people to do what they have always wanted to do, in whatever form or shape that may manifest  be it singing, writing, sewing, or ect. 


I truly believe that the change we yearn for in this world happens on the individual level with people sharing their passions and tools with one and another. It helps people step into their true purpose and fulfill their highest calling while also creating the domino affect for the rest of the world.


Originally from Texas, Gage is a self-trained artist who began live painting at festivals and concerts in 2011.  After 6 years of live painting and showing in local galleries, He quit his corporate job, sold everything and moved to Austria to received formal training at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts.


In Vienna, He learned a number of techniques including classical oil painting, egg tempra, illustration, the Fuchs Mische Technique, tempera grassa, and many more. While in Vienna, he was mentored under Luke Brown, Autumn Sky, Olga Klimova, Chris Dyer, Olga Kimova, Rebecca Yanovskaya, Daniel Mirante, Lucy Harding, and Oleg Koralev.


Since then he has lived in multiple countries around the globe. He has also painted murals and live art performances in places such as Spain, Hungry, Indonesia, and Japan.


Currently Gage based in Denver, Colorado painting full time in his studio.


- "Menagerie" at Mirus Gallery - Denver, Colorado 2023

- "Emergence" at Mirus Gallery - Denver, Colorado 2022

- "Locals Only" at Mirus Gallery - Denver, Colorado 2022

- "Spring Expansion"  at Threyda Gallery - Denver, Colorado 2021

- "No Show" at Bit Factory Gallery - Denver, Colorado 2020,

- "Locals Only" at Mirus Gallery Denver - Denver, Colorado 2020,

- OZORA Festival Official Gallery - Ozora, Hungry 2018,

​- “Visionary Art Awards” at Moscow House of Artists - Moscow, Russia: 2018

- “Dissolution of Ego” at Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts - Vienna, Austria: 2018

- “Avatars” Academy of Visionary Arts - Vienna, Austria: 2017

- Euphoria Festival Official Art Gallery  -  Austin, Texas: 2017

-  Head for the Hills Festival Official Art Gallery  - Texas: 2017

- “High Dive” SXSW Showcase at Alt. Reality Gallery  -  Austin, 2017

- “Art Will Save Us I” at Cherry Cola Dog -  Austin, Texas: 2017

- “Hue Group Show” at Sharespace  -  Houston, Texas: 2016

- “Make Believe” at Mass Gallery  -  Austin, Texas: 2016

- Co-Creation Festival Official Art Gallery  -  Austin, Texas: 2016

- Euphoria Festival Official Art Gallery  -  Austin, Texas: 2015

- Head for the Hills Festival Gallery  -  Kerrville, Texas: 2014  

- “Martian Culture” at Space Lab Gallery -  San Marcos, Texas: 2013 



- Private Home: 20 x 15 room and ceiling -  Boulder, Colorado: 2023

Progressive Pump: 10' x 15'- Houston, Texas: 2020

- Black Swan Yoga: 15’ x 35 ’ - Houston, Texas: 2019 

- Penke Panke Lodge Bar Mural: 10’ x 12’ - Hakuba Japan: 2019

- Wadano Gateway Ski Lodge Mural: 9’ x ’15 - Hakuba Japan: 2019

- Stoked Travel Surf Mural: 10’ x 25’ - San Sebastian, Spain: 2018

- Mural Commission at Private Residence: 7’ x 7’ - Austin, Texas: 2017

- Earth Day Mural at Hope Outdoor Gallery: 12’ x 40’ - Austin, Texas: 2017

- Euphoria Mural at Cherry Cola Gallery: 12’ x 12’ - Austin, Texas: 2017

- SXSW Recreate Mural at Hope Outdoor Gallery: 12’ x 40’ -  Austin, Texas: 2017

- Houston Mural Festival: Featured Artist - 15’x 15’ - Houston, Texas: 2016

- Crux Climbing Center Commission: 2.5 story mural - Austin, Texas: 2016

- Liquid Float Spa Mural Commission: 15’ x 15’ - Austin, Texas: 2016

- SXSW Recreate Mural at Hope Outdoor Gallery: 5’ x 50’ - Austin, Texas: 2016

- Flipside Regional Burn: 12’ x 11’ custom installation - Rock Dale, TX: 2016

- Hope Outdoor Gallery: Multiple 15’ x 30’- Austin, Texas: 2016  



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