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Roger's Rub



Roger developed a gourmet seasoning, which he sells to friends and family. It is a dry rub, all-purpose seasoning that works well with almost any food or recipe. 


He requested that I create an unique identity for the brand along with the packaging for the rub.





I wanted to contstruct a logo that encompassed the client's Texas roots along with his meat slinging, burger slaying cooking style. The logo needed to look ruff and tough like a cattle herder fresh off the range.


The capital letter “R” in serif is a beautiful and bold mark. It has lots of curves and straight lines, which make it versatile and easy to manipulate. In order to replicate the Texas feeling, I turned one of the serifs into a rattlesnake’s rattle, which also looks like a cowboy’s spur. I decided to perpetuate the rugged attitude of the “R” and top off the letter with a hat fit for riding. The logo has a very pronounced and rustic look, communicating strength and self-confidence. It is a logo you can trust without reading the value statement on the bottle's label. 


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