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About The Painting

I wanted to honor the divine male but this time feature other characteristics of masculinity: strength both in mind and body, will power, faith, stamina, conviction, and determination. These qualities can manifest in both “positive” and “negative” ways. ⁠

Originally this painting was going to follow the same contemporary composition as the previous old man painting. However, I let my intuition guide me to an alternative outcome. I am so glad that I listened to the muse/little voice and followed through. ⁠

The Mage is wondering through the deep desert but he is not lost, yet has no specific destination – no map to follow. It is very much similar to how I imagine an Aboriginal “Walk About” or Native American “Vision Quest.” It is only when we go through our dark night that we prevail to the light and come to higher understanding of being.

I included the storm above not only because I thought it would look cool but also to symbolize the turmoil or our inner demons/struggle. ⁠

The lightning is dualistic in meaning: as it streaks behind the man, it shows that he has moved beyond the symbolic struggle – and passed through it. Yet the sun is giving way to the night which carries with it, the storm. This is an aesthetic head nod to the fractal nature of life - growth and consciousness. In my personal understanding of being, I have come to realize that behind every step of growth, life presents yet another opportunity for us to learn and evolve as conscious human beings. ⁠

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