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Devil's Tower



While attending the Academy of Art I was given an assignment to design a new logo and supplementary collateral for a nonprofit organization. I immediately knew which organization I would choose, Frank Sanders’ Devil’s Tower.


I met Frank while in Wyoming, rock climbing the Devil’s Tower. The weather took a nasty turn shortly after meeting Frank and he invited my group to take shelter in his home. It was during the hospitable refuge that I learned about his organization and how he was helping Native American Reservations and the surrounding area.


Frank's Mission: The program is involved in the raising of funds to purchase materials to be donated to health, education and general welfare programs already established on Native American Reservations to help improve the quality of life for those living there. Funds will also be directed to National Park Service-approved projects that lead to a safer climbing environment at Devil's Tower National Monument. Funds will also be directed to health, education and general welfare programs for those ranchers and residents living in the Devil's Tower area.





All three parties that Frank was trying to aid were directly tied to the Devil's Tower. The climbers literally climb the tower. The local residents rely on tourism from the natural monument. The Native Americans hold the land sacred to their spiritual beliefs and perform many rituals/ceremonies focused on the Tower.


It was evident that the logo needed to depict the Devil’s Tower because of the foundation’s three main goals being centered on the geographical feature. I started by simulating the Devil’s Tower’s infamous vertical columns. I then placed a large red-orange sun behind the tower to emulate the spectacle during sunset. The logo rests atop type to represent the way that igneous formation protrudes from the surrounding flat lands.


The logo is versatile, working well on both the stationary and business card.


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