Fine Art

My mission with this series of paintings was to tap deeply into my own consciousness, remove my ego, and open my self to the magic of creativity and deep love. I used varying techniques to formulate these images from guided vision quests, meditation, remote viewing techniques develop by the US Department of Defense, to channeling, and more.

Each of the paintings in my new body of work has about 200 hours of love, sweat, intentions and a few tears. They are painted in a variety of mediums including oil, egg tempera, tempera grassa, and acrylic. 

If interested in purchasing artwork, seeing unreleased paintings, commissioning a piece, or booking a live performance, please reach out to me through my contact page or email me:






Denver,  Colorado. 


The Mage
Grounded Masculine
The Seer
Technological Symbiosis
Rapé Guide
Sigil Magic
Screaming Eagle
The Everett Interpretation Theory
Divine Relativity
Ween Eye-Spy
Time to Brun
Spear of Destiny Idiogram’
Perfect Imperfection
Greatful Tang
Like & Anna

Gage Kelsey

 Fine Artist, Muralist & Live Painter 

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