Pets Unlimited



During my studies at the Academy of Art, I was given a project to create a poster for the non-profit animal shelter, Pets Unlimited. It was mandated that the poster display the company’s website and tagline. The poster concept was based on the tag line: looking for a home, everyone deserves a second chance. 




In realizing that non-adopted animals are put down in the shelter system, I chose to depict the reality of the situation while nodding to the ever popular Andy Warhol's "Electric Chair." To humanize the scenario and create stronger emotional ties, I placed a cat on an executioner’s electric chair.


Although there is a very grim feel to the poster, it is impactful and moving. It demands attention with such a grave depiction and forces you to stop and inspect the poster when passing by. The poster's imagery shows the implications of the tagline not being heeded.    









Gage Kelsey

 Fine Artist, Muralist & Live Painter 

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