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Pets Unlimited



During my studies at the Academy of Art, I was given a project to create a poster for the non-profit animal shelter, Pets Unlimited. It was mandated that the poster display the company’s website and tagline. The poster concept was based on the tag line: looking for a home, everyone deserves a second chance. 




In realizing that non-adopted animals are put down in the shelter system, I chose to depict the reality of the situation while nodding to the ever popular Andy Warhol's "Electric Chair." To humanize the scenario and create stronger emotional ties, I placed a cat on an executioner’s electric chair.


Although there is a very grim feel to the poster, it is impactful and moving. It demands attention with such a grave depiction and forces you to stop and inspect the poster when passing by. The poster's imagery shows the implications of the tagline not being heeded.    









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