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Centerpoint Station



In a Promotional Strategies class at Texas State, I was assigned to cultivate a new marketing communications program for a business that was lacking a strong and concise message. I chose Centerpoint Station. Their business was successful but they were having a hard time communicating their service and product offerings because they sell women’s boutique items, clothing and antiques while functioning as a full kitchen restaurant and bakery.     





Centerpoint Station’s messaging was confusing and long; it was not clear what they specialized in or what the were known for. After speaking to the employees, I found that the women’s boutique items and hamburgers drew the most customers.


Centerpoint Station was already capturing audiences from the surrounding mall and local highway with their billboard displays but were missing out on a large demographic. Texas State students compose almost half of the population in San Marcos and Centerpoint was not taking any proactive measures to seize this market.


I designed promotional discount flyers to pass out on campus to encourage more first time customer trials. The flyers feature Centerpoint Station’s main attractions and offered discounts to incentivize students to change their routine and try something new. 

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